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Humiliated Husband
Shamed And Punished By A Dominant Wife!

Herbert is a humiliated husband. He gets shamed and punished by his dominant wife - ME! Sometimes I make him take his pants down for a good bare-bottom spanking while wimpering "I'm sorry, mommy", other times I bend him over and ride him with my strapon as he moans like a young bitch on her wedding night. I also like to invite my girlfriends over to watch his shameful sexual humiliation!

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"Would you like me to tell you how I'm going to PUNISH you? Wives know that husbands need to be taught who's the BOSS!"
Humiliated Husband Phone Sex
"I'm A STERN Wife!"


"Take my panties down NOW, Herbert!" I demanded "And get on your knees!". "Yes, dear" He said meekly as he slid my nylon panties down and revealed my moist bare butt. "I should invite your friends over to watch me shame you! Would you like that?". "No, dear, please..." He wimpered. I grabbed him by the hair and shoved his face into my bare ass. SMUSH! He struggled as I forced his face deeper between my damp ass cheeks. "You're a pathetic husband, Herbert, but I DO enjoy our little facesitting punishment sessions so!". SMUSH! I then threw him to the ground and squated on his face, grinding my ass and pussy back and forth across his nose and mouth. "After your punishment, I want you to sit at the table and write that you'll be a good husband one hundred times, understood?!" SMUSH! "Y-Yes, dear" he stammered. "Ah, yes, I do enjoy a man who obeys!" I sneered "I'll show you who's the boss around here!" SMUSH!

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"Sometimes your husband needs to be shown who's the REAL boss of the house, right ladies? Personally I feel nothing is a better training tool for husbands than a good hard strapon fucking right up the ass!" - Lady Marne

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